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Mov'n On Up is a free 24/7 educational resource dedicated to Smarter Home Financing. It bridges the knowledge gap between what consumers believe they know about home financing and the realities that they'll face when they seek financing in today's market.

No fees. No gimmicks. No nonsense. Mov'n On Up provides current, relevant information anyone can use to make better-informed, smarter home financing decisions. Let's kick things off with a quick welcome message along with simple Disclosures and Terms & Conditions.

Smarter Home Financing A-to-Z

Select from more than 30 easy-to-follow videos, each just a few minutes in length. New topics will be added monthly. The videos highlight some of the material covered in Mov'n On Up workshops. Close captioning and language translation is available using the video player's controls.

Attend a Workshop

Join us for one of our 1-2 hour workshops. The fees are set and collected by the local community programs that host our events. We volunteer our time at no cost. The registration links below will redirect you to websites owned and operated by the local community programs that we serve.

Workshop City State Dates
Buying & Financing Your Next Home Newport RI TBA Sign Me Up

Ask an Expert

Local professionals involved with the purchase, sale, financing and renovation of real estate volunteer their time and expertise to talk to Mov'n On Up about issues critical to successful home buying, selling, ownership and sustainability.

This is your opportunity to learn valuable insight from real estate attorneys, real estate agents, loan officers, home inspectors, appraisers, title insurers, energy efficiency experts, contractors and more. Sign up today to receive an email notification whenever we publish a new video.

Episode Length
Using an Attorney to Your Advantage in Real Estate 8.5 min Watch
Legal Considerations of Multifamily Properties 8.5 min Watch
Smarter Short Selling - Leveraging Attorney Expertise 14.5 min Watch
Protect Yourself When Buying Distressed Property 13.5 min Watch


Mov'n On Up is not a lender or real estate broker and does not accept personal financial information or applications for home financing. It is an educational resource made accessible through this website and popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as home financing workshops currently delivered to communities in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 100% of any proceeds from Mov'n On Up's workshops go directly to the community programs that host the events.

Mov'n On Up's website, workshops, multimedia content and printed materials are independently created, managed, presented and maintained by me, Joseph Martins. The views and opinions expressed on the Mov'n On Up website and in its workshops are entirely my own based on my subject matter expertise and experience as well as insight volunteered by peers within the mortgage industry. I maintain 100% control over Mov'n On Up including its website, workshops and all of the content. Mov'n On Up does not currently receive any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid topic insertions or other third-party funding. Please direct all questions about Mov'n On Up to me at

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